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Why are you on this planet?


Who Is This Guy, Anyway?

The Early Years

Childhood sucked.
The Sun in a tight Square to the Moon?
Saturn and Pluto in the Fourth House?
Geez...gimme a break.

Redeeming features of the early years:
1)  Music Education and Performance Experience (piano and voice)
2)  Exposure to Astrology throughout childhood
(Mom was into "Kitchen Table Astrology", mainly to help her cope with me.)
 3)  Theatrical Training and Performance Experience
(Neptune in the Fifth House:
 Yep, that kid could get on stage and cast a spell over the whole audience.)
4)  Hobbies and healthy activities were encouraged...
...time out!...
At first, this looked like it was going to be a really short list,
but it now threatens to become ridiculously long.
...maybe childhood didn't suck that much, after all.
On the other hand, there was all the abuse.
Yeah, well...whatever.

And there was one other curse/blessing/problem/gift:
I had come into this Life without the Veils being pulled all the way down,
so my perceptions hardly ever fit into the world I was being taught was "real".

Young Adulthood

Actually, young adulthood was replaced by delayed adolescence.
The abusive part of childhood caught up with me here,
so the fragmented personality and subpersonalities played roles
ranging from radical hippie to self-righteous Bible student.
At age 19, an overwhelming Cosmic experience was exactly that: overwhelming.
It amplified the imbalances already in play.
While the zest for life expressed itself primarily in the drug scene,
the Fear Factor weighed in heavily in the illusory safety of Ministerial Studies.
A particular Inner Knowing about the two extremes haunted me: 
 It told me that the drug experiences provided the lesser of the two illusions.
Yes, meditating after getting stoned led me closer to Reality.
Throughout this game of Heart versus Mind,
my heart leaned earnestly toward the consciousness expansion.
As we boomers often say:
"If you remember the sixties, you weren't there." 

A mercifully brief career as a Christian Minister
 carried me to the portals of Mysticism in 1976.
Much of my resistance to Spirit got blasted to smithereens
 in an explosion of Conscious Evolution.
Pastoral Counseling morphed into Spiritual Readings,
 the Music became Celestial,
and the Sacred Sound Healer emerged into earthly manifestation.

The Cosmic Journey on Earth

  Here's the short version.
In the interim, I've worn a relatively wide variety of professional hats:
astrologer, numerologist, spiritual reader and teacher, pianist, vocalist,
 piano teacher, sound healer, channeler, writer, lecturer,
 past life regression therapist, theatrical actor and director.
I've thrown myself into the world of Metaphysics with a grand passion,
and it shows in my work.



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