Soul Purpose Readings
Why are you on this planet?

Readings by Timothy Glenn:
Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Intuition 

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Soul Purpose Readings

A Soul Purpose Reading has one primary focus: why did you (as a Divine Soul) come into this particular Life?  The session lasts about an hour and a half.  The Reading is usually more powerful in person, but can also be done effectively over the phone. Tim developed this reading as a specialty over the course of 15 years (1976-1991). 

          In person at the office: $85 (US)                 Over the phone or online:  $95 (US)


    Solar Returns/Birthday Readings
    Every year, the Sun returns to the exact place in the Zodiac it was when you were born.  We take another snapshot of the sky at that moment, and that creates your Solar Return Chart.  It reads much like your Natal Chart, but is only in effect for one year.  At your Birthday, you also shift gears in your Numerological Cycles.  This Reading takes a little over an hour, and gives you a good weather report for the year.  The rest is up to you and that magic word: Choice.

            In person at the office:  $85 (US)        Over the phone or online:  $95 (US)

    What's Happening? -- Transits & Cycles

    How are the Planets affecting you as they move through the Zodiac?  How are they influencing the Human Race, and how do you fit that big picture?  This Reading uses a variety of tools to help you negotiate your current cycles and passages.  

                In person at the office:  $85 (US)            Over the phone:  $95 (US) 

    Compatibility Readings

    For personal and professional relationships, we cover strengths, weaknesses, and potentials.  The Pythagorean Numerology, combined with Astrological Synastry and Composite charts, can provide a depth of insight into relationship dynamics.  In such an emotionally charged area of life, it helps to add a dash of realism.

               In person at the office? $85 (US)              Over the phone or online:   $95 (US)


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