Soul Purpose Readings
Why are you on this planet?

Sacred Sound Meditation

with Timothy Glenn

Second Saturday of each month
2:00 - 3:30pm

Rishi Yoga

1350 Stardust Street
Reno, Nevada
 Drop-in fee $15

Whether you prefer sitting on a meditation pillow
 or lying on a yoga mat, come prepared to go deep.
You will be bathed in singing,
 chanting and harmonic overtoning
accompanied by crystal singing bowls
and Tibetan singing bowls.
The meditation will be preceded
 by a short yin/gentle yoga sequence
 facilitated by Heidi Gabelman
so that the body and mind are optimally receptive
to the transformative power of the sound healing.

"For every shape in the geometric universe,
there is a corresponding sound. In fact,
it is the sound that creates the shape."
 David Adair

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